Let's talk politics

Get informed, Get involved

It begins with the midterms




with candidates and other voters in your district. We'll cut out the noise from the Russians (and everyone else).



your views on the issues that matter most. Demand answers from candidates. We'll make sure the conversation stays civil.



how to cast your vote. We'll give you summaries of the top issues, opposing viewpoints, and where the candidates stand.


We believe that democracy thrives on dialogue.

Unfortunately, we seem to have lost the thread. Social media platforms are overrun with bots, trolls, and political ads. And many other apps shut down discourse altogether by presenting one-sided, simplistic arguments.

Voters deserve better.  

Trellis allows you to engage with other voters and candidates in your district about the issues most important to your community. We parse the discussion to amplify the issues you care about and show you the diversity of viewpoints.

It’s your conversation. We just give it a little bit of support. 



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